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Work done, only 2 days now and fly out. yay

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So I sit in work participating in a special project that gives me periods of time just sitting here waiting for a call to come through.....perfect, as it gives me the chance to sit and type about the upcoming trip.
Todays topic is going to be electronics.
As a child of the 60's I am still in awe of todays digital revolution, and like all boys, I like my toys.
So what am I going to take with me, what are my needs?
Communication / Photography / Videography / Navigation

Communication: Sony Experia Smart phone (Android)
This phone is capable of doing everything I need to do on this trip having a decent quality video/still camera and full wifi capability, however I will only be using it for phone calls and as an emergency back-up for live navigation. International roaming and data rates are the deciding factors to only
using this device as back-up. Pro - Chargeable usb 12 volt on bike. Music player for helmet audio.

Photography: Multiple options, all my devices are capable of still / video imaging. See below

Videography: Sony HandyCam / Contour Roam / Toshiba Tablet
All devices capable of good quality video recording but each will perform in a better environment. HandyCam for all round, tripod & hand filming of places and people etc - Contour Roam for on bike, on helmet etc and Toshiba Tablet for candid blog type clips.

Navigation: Toshiba Tablet - Online maps and navigation courtesy of Google Maps via available wifi spots and also back up maps downloaded into an expandable format for clear and concise route planning. Skype for free calling to family in U.K. and Canada and all round entertainment on the go (including flights).

Now the issue of all the power leads, chargers and inverter's required....remember that we are only 110-160 over here and not 240 like the U.K. and Europe ......well I don't actually know what happens in Switzerland etc.......but the rented Beemer does have a 12v power supply.

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The plan........Who, where & when.


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I hadn't heard from Marko for a while........ we are both busy (doing what is anybody's guess)...so when I received an email telling me that the lads were thinking of riding around parts of Europe this year, its fair to say I was surprised.
He had always promised to let me know if ever they got off their arses and went anywhere and stated it would be very coooool if I could join them. As soon as I read the mail I was determined to make it happen.
A couple of Skype conversations later and Mark and I had planned our route, booked accommodation and pretty much finalised the whole trip. Another Skype session was arranged for us all to discuss the upcoming adventure, to my astonishment it was only then that I discovered that Mark had not discussed any of it with Mick & Stu.......imagine their surprise when I informed them we are booked and its on! They did not even guess I was coming along and had absolutely no idea that Mark and I had actually booked the trip. Thankfully they are both available and up for it.
I will be renting a BMW F800GS, Stu & Mark will be piloting their Aprilia RSV Milles' and Mike is currently trying to buy a BMW.
Planning for me includes booking flights from Nanamo to Vancouver / Vancouver to U.K. and back, but also booking Georgia, my daughter, flights to Canada with me on my return.
So....... not only do I get to see my family in England, tour Europe with my best mates, ride the Alps etc but get to bring my kid home with me for the summer......bring it on.
At the point of writing its 61 days away and Spring starts tommorow, what better way to leave Winter behind?
Over the next few months I intend to add details of the planning stages, what to pack, what to wear, what electronics etc and will update this blog as often as I get a chance. Here is where a diary and pics will be stored and available for friends and family to join in with the trip......please check back once in a while and don't hesitate to comment etc.



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